Sunday, November 24, 2013

Making Wreaths

It was time to make the holiday wreaths and I spent a week gathering materials on my walks around the woods. Birch bark, hemlock branches, pine branches, moss, tree fungus, pine cones and whatever this stuff is.

They look like little woo-ville trees
This is my snazzy walking attire - we're very stylish in the woods.
You can't see my bear face hat. Awww.
The family arrived and we all started pulling materials together outside. Much hilarity ensued as there were very few people who actually knew what they heck they were doing (I was not one of them).
Deciding on critical supplies
It's amazing how quickly the bucket of boughs was picked over.
Cooper liked my nephew. Maybe because he was her height.

My brother's first attempt. They got better.

My SIL tries to stay warm with down vest and lots of coffee

Cooper helps carry a branch
The day was sunny and in the high 30s but once the wind picked up we decided to move assembly inside. Besides, this way we were closer to the food.

Lots of materials
The house performed like a dream - lots of room to move around, work on stuff, visit, get food, and just enjoy the space and company.

Next time I'll clear off the FP and mixer. Live and learn.
The wood stove was cranking out the heat -  most of us ended up in shirtsleeves.

Some us were even in short sleeves. 

My dumpster dive - an old sled brought back to life
In the end we all ended up with at least one porch decoration and had a great time doing it. I'm thinking this should become an annual event!


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