Thursday, March 21, 2013

Signs of civilization

I'm borrowing internet from my Dad's house - he just got satellite internet so we decided to try it out. Very nice! Haven't tried to download movies or anything, but normal usage seems to be just fine. We had a technician out to our place today to see what we needed to do to get a clear view of orbit - the answer? Cut a bunch of trees. Fortunately they are trees that were destined for the ax anyway. But it does mean they'll need to come down a bit sooner than planned.

In the meantime we continue to unpack and get organized. We're not decorating yet, nor are we worrying about finishing any rooms (other than the bathroom). We prefer to concentrate on one room at a time, but quickly realized that with everything spread all over it just wasn't going to work. So we're civilizing...

Living room is livable
 The wood stove does a great job of warming the floor and the cat loves it.
We set up the mudroom even though it's not painted yet. Better to have floor space and places to hang coats than to worry about painting. We'll do that when it's that room's turn.
The mudroom entry
 Back in the day we purchased an old hotel key cabinet. It now stores our keys and looks pretty cool in the mudroom.
Oneonta Hotel key rack
 On Monday we walked to the mailbox on a clear road. This was the view Tuesday evening. We got well over a foot of snow in less than 24 hours. Argh!

Never park the car near the roofline...

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  1. Looks like you're making great progress. Doing a nice job. Do you hire out to do other jobs? :-)