Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Downstairs bathroom

The downstairs bathroom has a 4 x 6 shower area that will also hold a soaking tub. I wanted the option of removing the tub sometime in the future so we decided to pour and tile a shower area.

Chris created a sill by framing and pouring concrete. He added some rebar to help with strength. You can see the small slate tiles that we picked for the floor too.

Beginning the form
We used mortar mix to create the pan. Chris shot a laser line to get the slope right and then I smooshed and mooshed the cement in place.

Like playing in the sand
 It took seven and a half bags of cement but it's all done and is now curing. We'll let it dry for about a week while we work on other projects then apply a waterproof sealant. After that we'll put down floor tile and then start the walls.

Semi-finished shower pan
So much happening! A good mix of building, unpacking, decorating, and a bit of relaxing makes for really good sleep at night.

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