Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Photo update!

I promised a photo update in the cat-woke-me-up post. And here I am, fulfilling my promise. But first, a photo of the rotten-one herself. Doesn't she look innocent? She loves the new house as it has many places to hide and jump out of as well as things to run around, over, and through. She has not asked to go outside since we got here - extremely unusual for this wild kitty.

Taking a snooze of her favorite rug
This is one of the cracker jar lights that I stenciled and frosted. They look great although it's really hard to get a good photo. Either you see the bulb too easily or the frosting whites out. In real life, they are subtly obvious - an oxymoron I know.

Cracker jar light
 To get power to the future island we opted not to run conduit through the slab. I didn't want an outlet in the middle of the floor in case I changed my mind about having an island. But I very badly wanted the ability to have power there. So we put an outlet in the ceiling - but how do you reach it to plug in your mixer? You buy a retractable cord reel of course.

Retractable cord reel
It fits perfectly with my "industrial farmhouse" esthetic. Or it will once I actually decorate enough to have an industrial farmhouse esthetic...

You can adjust the amount of cord hanging down too
You just reach up and grab the cord, pull it down to plug in your stuff, and then give it a tug to retract it when you're done.

This is one of the lights I got from Habitat for Humanity Restore. It's awesome. A large flush mount ceiling light rewired by my awesome electricians.

Metal, glass, and cast ceramic
 It holds four CFL bulbs and glows a wonderful golden tone. I was going to dry paint the metal to highlight the detailing but I don't think I need to now. I do need to do something with the finial. Maybe the same color as the wall? I know I don't want it dark but I'm not thrilled with the grungy cream color that's on it now. Huh. I'll come up with something.

Look at that detail!

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