Saturday, July 21, 2012

Round Lake Antique Weekend

We spent the morning at the Round Lake Antique festival. Gorgeous day and lots of vendors came out to show off their wares. We had a mission - find heating grates to allow radiant heat to flow to the upstairs. I'd done a bit of research to establish price points and now we were on the hunt!

 Round Lake is full of gorgeous houses - some big, some small, all well decorated. We loved the tower on this one.

 Dad's shadow, me, Chris's shadow on the walk into town.

 They had lots of old linens. I love table cloths but didn't find any bargains this time.

Dad and me at a vendor with lots of kitchen stuff. Gorgeous cast iron pans! I've got a good selection already, so no money spent. Besides - the goal of the day was heating grates.

We found a set that had been painted white (ugh) and were marked way too high. But then, up ahead, what is that? Is it? Yes! Three grates leaning against a table. Note that there are no pictures of these as we were far too excited to remember to get out the camera. Two of the grates had a fleur de lis pattern and the other two had a geometric design. Of the geometrics, one was in good condition but the other was disassembled and had a few cracked pieces. But since I only need three grates, we were good to go. I'll be sure to post pictures of them soon.

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