Sunday, July 29, 2012

Insulating, back filling, and plumbing, oh my!

More progress has been made! The foundation walls were insulated and the chase for the incoming water line was completed before beginning to back fill the foundation.
Insulation and incoming water chase
During the backfilling a tamper is run every 8 inches in depth to make sure the ground is compacted before pouring the slab.

Getting closer to the top layer of fill
All the rocks were cleaned out of the area and final layer of clean fill was tamped down. Then the plumbing was started. Lots of planning involved in this stage to be sure you have the appropriate lines for shower, washer, toilets, etc.
Various plumbing lines
R-10 insulation is put down to insulate the slab and prevent the radiant heat from leaching into the ground.
Adding the ground insulation
And then a vapor barrier is added on top of the insulation. We used a product called Reflectix which is recommended for radiant floor heating systems as it has a top layer that reflects heat back up to the slab.
Taping the seams
As is typical when you're trying to get something outdoors accomplished, the weather changed from the near draught conditions that we've had all summer to rain. Steady rain that came down from around 6PM to 10AM each day. I decided that someone was trying to tell me that I should relax while on my vacation. We still managed to get an incredible amount accomplished during the dry moments and decided to just be grateful for the moisture during the wet ones.

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