Friday, July 20, 2012

Footers and foundation walls

Chris has been hard at work coordinating the footer and foundation wall pour.

Note my work site fashion sense
 The footers were poured last Friday and I got to check them out over the weekend. It was humid and foggy that day.
Fog rising off the footer trenches

Wall framing on the footer
They came out to frame the foundation walls Tuesday. A hot day to work in full sun.

Wall between garage and house
Chases needed to be placed in the correct spots so plumbing can move in and out as needed. Waste water out, grey water out, fresh water in, electric and propane piping in. Lots to think about before the walls are poured.
Plumbing chase

 Amazing that trucks this big actually fit all the way around the home site. The dirty truck on the right was seriously tilted at times and we're still amazed it didn't tip over. Cement truck drivers are fearless!
Cement in its rightful place
 The wooden dam is there so they can lower the wall under the door.
The frames came off just a day after the pour
 And here you can see the lower spot where the front doors will be. We're putting in hinged patio doors with full glass. So beautiful! We went with Andersen windows and doors as we liked the quality and the price.
Doors have a drop in the wall for framing

Insulation on the interior of the wall
It's important to insulate the slab (and required by code). We're putting in a radiant floor heating system so it was critical to reduce thermal loss as much as possible. Once the walls are back filled and the slab underlayment is in place, we'll insulate the slab and then do the pour. We should be laying out the Pex tubing next week!

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