Sunday, January 1, 2012

Subdividing the land

The land we bought consisted of 60 acres in Corinth NY. A pleasant small town with a good library, a decent grocery, and a really nice little restaurant where we could gather after snowshoing to discuss how we were actually going to divy up the lot. We hired a wonderful surveyor to give us an accurate map of the parcel, made copies, and began drawing on it to get three equal lots. Turned out equal lots weren't what we wanted though. So we came up with a division that made sense for our acreage dreams, satisfied the Adirondack Park Agency lot size requirements, and passed the town's planning committee. Whew! All of this for much less per acre than we would have paid if we hadn't been able to buy such a large piece of property.
Now Chris and I have about 30 acres for our camp. It's heavily forested with a good mix of hardwood and pine, stone walls that marked the old fields, and a tumbledown stone foundation from an old barn. A good road in met up with a skidder trail that just needed fill and grooming to make it a four-season driveway, so now we can get back there all year. Or, rather, we'll be able to get in once we actually start plowing it. For now we just park at the road and snowshoe in with supplies.

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