Thursday, January 12, 2012


I've designed (and redesigned and designed again) our floor plans over the last several years. We'd talked about building a home for quite a while and I purchased the Punch landscape and building software so that I could play around with designs. It actually become quite relaxing, a definite creative departure from my normal analytic routine. Some designs were fanciful and had no hope of getting built; most incorporated layout ideas based on the many houses in which we've lived.

We've chosen the building style and I've designed a floor plan that we think will satisfy our lifestyle and the site. Now we need blueprints to actually get construction started so we're heading to the architect's office on Monday. I'm sure he'll have suggestions to improve the layout and I'll have to be very careful not to get defensive. After all, I've spent years fine-tuning this. But that's why you go to professionals, after all. To make sure your stair well actually does fit in the space you've allotted and that the trusses can span the building width without all those pesky interior walls.

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