Sunday, January 1, 2012

Clearing trees

We've started clearing the homesite. Actually we started clearing the garden site. See, the future garden site had mostly small diameter trees on it that would be easy to clear. We'd then use that space to stage logs cut from the homesite which has larger trees. The log piles would be stacked according to use/size - firewood (four feet long to easily fit in the tractor bucket; would be cut to length when appropriate), fence posts (diameters too small for furniture or siding use but of a wood type suitable for fencing), and house use (8 to 12 foot lengths to be boarded for furniture, flooring, or siding). The garden site had the advantage of being relatively flat so the future sawmill would be easily set up on it. All the bark and wood chips that resulted from sawing would help protect the soil until we could actually start the garden some day.

Ah, how the best laid plans change. Turns out the garden site is now the home site for very sensible reasons having to do with a nice view and the wonderful sound of the stream. Haven't quite figured out the logistics of the wood piles now that we've made this decision, but it'll all work out. Just needs a bit of thought and planning. The important thing is to stay flexible and adjust when necessary.

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