Friday, October 14, 2022

Cooking up a Hubbard

I found a new farmer! Well, new to me anyway. I have been looking for jalapeños all summer so that I could put some up for the winter. My friend told me about a farm she liked and off we went. Well, not only did he have jalapeño, he had Hubbard squash. Woot!

17 lb 5oz Hubbard next to a Butternut for scale

I got out my trusty cleaver and rubber mallet and got started. I know many people say to put the squash in a bag and drop it on the concrete floor, but that doesn't seem right to me. 

I just use a good whack to set the cleaver then bang it with the mallet to force the squash open.


It splits and then I can pry or whack it into smaller pieces.

Clean out the seeds and strings (strings to the chickens, seeds to be roasted later), put them on sheet pans, and roast for nearly two hours (see this post for specific info). I got 8 15oz bags of puree. Pumpkin pie here we come!

As to the jalapeño? 
Look at those stress marks - hot!

Perfectly spicy. I sliced them up, made a vinegar brine, and got canning.

So colorful

Hopefully this will get us through to next year's pepper season. We use a lot of jalapeño!

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