Tuesday, September 8, 2020

So many eggs!

Remember those itty-bitty chicks I got in the Spring? They’re all grown up and laying already. They started laying way earlier than any chickens I’ve had before too. I expected to start getting eggs haphazardly starting at 25 weeks-which is two weeks away. Instead they’re laying frequently and I’m getting good sizes most of the time. Of course they are pullets so I find tiny eggs too!

That’s a cherry tomato for scale

Compared to a Bunty egg

Bunty laid a double-yolker 

So many eggs!
So I now have 10 hens laying almost daily. That’s a lot of eggs for two people. So what do I do with all those eggs? Mostly we scramble them for breakfast but I’ve been trying some new recipes too.

Scotch eggs!

Fresh pasta

Cherry tomato sauce on handkerchiefs

Of course there are lots of frittatas, quiches, cakes, and what-not. I think challah is coming soon too.

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