Monday, May 6, 2019

New Bee Hive

I mentioned that Chris took a beekeeping course. He'd set up the stump hive a couple years ago but hadn't had any luck getting any bees to spontaneously move in. So it was time to get educated and get a "standard" hive set up.
The new bee suit
The first class was on building a hive and basic beekeeping. They built a base, the lower deep (or brood chamber), the inner cover, and outer cover. They were also given a metal top to make it all waterproof. When Chris got home he put together an upper deep (food chamber), a shallow honey super, and many more frames. Then I got to decorate it. Woo-hoo!
Flower, butterflies, and bees - oh my!
I had a lot of fun doing this. I especially like the many bees I put on the honey super.
Bees in flight!
Each side is a bit different
Chris built a rock base that still allows air flow under the hive. It's very stable and blends into the environment well.
That's the garden rock wall in the background
We placed the hive close to the edge of the woods but where it would get morning sun.
Fully assembled
It's also up near the stump hive in case they decide they'd like more rustic accommodations.
Maybe some day they'll need more room
The hive is near the woods - but not too close. The trees should help protect the hive from winter winds and provide some much needed shade in full summer.
It's so happy looking
As with any new endeavor there is stuff to buy. Such as this smoker.
It works!
The next class is when they'll actually get the bees. We're very excited.

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  1. Love the decorated hive. It looks very welcoming, hopefully the bees will think so too. Beekeeping is a wonderful endeavor. I wish you much success.