Friday, May 3, 2019

Game Camera

The cold weather knocked out the game camera over the winter but with warmer (ha!) Spring temps, we put it back out. And boy did we get some pictures!

A smallish fisher
A significantly bigger fisher
Regal, isn't he?
And cautious - lots of sniffing around
Not creepy at all...
Two days later, back again!
Incredibly healthy. Great size on him too.
Deer (or dinner?)
Fisher is back
And so is the coyote. Is he looking at the camera?
I think he is.
Wait. Is he lifting his leg???
He was! And still staring right at the camera.
No respect at all.
Turkey bottom left. 
Excellent shot of our local predators and their potential food sources. Fortunately this was on the very far edge of the property so we're hopeful they won't come too close to the house. In the meantime the chickens are safely pastured and the dog is kept close by. Nothing like living in the country!

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