Thursday, November 22, 2018

And then I made pie

The next step in the great Hubbard Squash experiment was traditional pumpkin pie. I used the Libby's pie recipe since that what I've always used in the past. Since I didn't have a can of their pumpkin puree I found the recipe on their website. Easy.

And then I made the pie.

Truly excellent Hubbard squash pie. Really.
And it came out fantastic. Very light textured and great flavor. Chris and Dad both loved it. So I'm an official convert to the school of Hubbard. Long live the squash.

And here's a picture of the squash bread. See the dark caramelization at the sides? Fortunately it still tasted great and I'll make an adjustment or two when I bake to solve the issue.

I've still got the two other Hubbards to process and I'll be doing that next week after the Thanksgiving holidays. And Chris has made me promise to bake a squash pie a month so I should start making inroads on all that puree. I'll report back on whether or not freezing had any impact on the puree.

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