Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Camp garden

We've been working diligently on building up the Camp Garden, you know - the garden that will occupy the old camp site? No one ever said I was imaginative in my naming conventions.

The old camp was actually more of a cabin. It had a stone foundation, lots of metal and glass, and the former occupant apparently suffered from a severe cough if all the old patent medicine bottles are anything to go by. We've slowly exposed whatever stone foundation walls still existed and then began rebuilding the rest of them. The goal was a raised garden plot and Chris has done a great job making that a reality. I've mainly cheered him on and made planting plans. 
Part old and part new wall - greenhouse hole in foreground
It's taken a lot of lifting to get the stones in place properly. And a real willingness to start over when something went wrong.
Rebuilt this corner - twice
The plot is 15 feet wide by 23 feet deep. The rear section has no wall. Instead it slopes out to level ground so we can easily get the tractor, wheelbarrow, whatever up into the garden area.
Looking north toward the chicken coop
I'm so excited! We've picked melted glass, rusted metal, and way more nails than could ever be expected out of here and we're finally ready to plant. I've laid a bed of cardboard and layered on compost. Topsoil arrives Friday!
Looking at the east side. Stone stairs middle-left.
Still on the agenda is getting the pit greenhouse built and running a water line up there. We're also going to move the little garden shed up there and put a rain barrel in place. Really coming along now!

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