Wednesday, May 30, 2018

All the things

It's been a busy month. Individual posts to come with photos but here are the highlights:

The grove garden is growing nicely - the peas all came up and are now about 8 inches tall. Hooray! I've got two potato plants coming up out of the eight mounds. I dug down a bit into the mounds and the plants are on the way but I think I planted them too deep, or mounded them too early not sure which. So I'll change that next year.

The kitchen garden has kale (one that survived winter, five starts from the malfunctioning cold frame, three rows of seed), arugula (seed), basil (seed and starts), oregano (perennial), lemon thyme (perennial), dill fern (seed), and lettuce (starts) planted. I'm seeing some seed germination, especially in the kale.

The hill garden is no more. We've officially killed it off and moved or spread the soil. Why? Because the camp garden is ready for planting! Well, almost ready. Definitely need photos of this one because we cleaned up the site, rebuilt the rock wall foundations, and have topsoil on the way. So cool.

We've started the chicken pasture (orchard?) fence. Will also be cool.

Also, I've now got six new chickens. Added them when they were a week old and they're now six weeks. All are growing and doing well.

We adopted two adult cats and are now battling ringworm. So extremely not cool. Anyone have suggestions on how to eradicate this? I'm working with my vet to treat the animals, but I've read the spores can live for up to a year (!) in the environment. I can't bleach the whole house and I'm not sure bleach would help anyway. Help!

Chris is looking into doing a volunteer stint in Puerto Rico with MDS rebuilding houses. Will definitely have photos of that if he ends up going.

Finished the upstairs bathroom! Including a door!

We've also had some fun with bleach dying and more tie-dying. I'm working on an upcycle project involving old blue jeans (ooh, mysterious) and Chris is carving a decorative fridge handle. All the usual stuff!

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