Monday, August 14, 2017

Pottery results

Chris finished his pottery class and brought home a wealth of new stuff. 
The haul
Isn't this sheep adorable???
Berry "bowl"
Two dry erase memo bubbles
I asked for a ring dish
Gorgeous glazing - raku
Change bowl
More raku glazing 
A pen & glasses holder
A yarn bowl (love this!)
Two styles of garlic keeper

An owl bell
Snack bowl
Wonderful color
Wine bottle drip catchers
A perfect fit
My wedding ring for scale in the ring dish
Attaching the bell's clapper 
Hung in the garden 
Fits right in
A small harvest from the bushes
The class was great. Chris learned a lot about throwing pottery and decided he liked it so much we bought a kick wheel off Craig's List. He's now trying to teach me...I'm sure there will be many more posts to get out of that!

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