Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Our new pottery wheel

As mentioned previously Chris enjoyed the pottery class so much that we decided to pick up an inexpensive kick wheel from Craig's List. Gotta love Craig's List!

A kick wheel is just that - a wheel that you manually kick to create the required spin. That generally involves a super heavy hunk of concrete or stone or something on the bottom of a post that's attached via some wicked good bearings to a plate of some kind.

Ours is concrete with a wood frame. We primed and painted the metal post, painted the plywood frame, and got potting.
That bottom wheel is super heavy.
Black frame, red pole, excited husband
Demonstrating how to throw a pot
I'm really bad at it so far
There is obviously a heck of a learning curve to this thing. So far Chris has been showing me how to center the clay and it's way harder than I thought it would be. If the clay isn't centered properly your pot will be thicker/thinner on the edges and will wobble big time. The whole process has been fun and we definitely need a splash guard on the wheel! Chris also got a free treadmill off Craig's List and he's coming up with ways to attach the motor to the wheel so you don't have to kick it. Too cool.

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