Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Pottery class

Chris has been taking another pottery class, this one more focused on different glazing and firing techniques. It's also given him the opportunity to use a pottery wheel (the last class was all about hand-building). 

The studio he's going to has many potters on site and the class has a bunch of students so filling up the kiln wasn't too hard. A full kiln is a happy kiln!
Getting ready to fire
There are many different firing techniques and they each give a different finish to the work. There is raku, which involves burning straw:
There sagar, which uses wood chips and chemicals and even copper wire.  And then there is regular high-firing which results in a food safe finish (if you use the right glaze).

He's had great fun learning new techniques to create change bowls, garlic keepers, ring bowls, statuary, and many miscellaneous type items.
The bee hive cap
Garlic keeper
A yarn bowl
Not everything has made it home yet so I don't have finished photos, but I did get some pictures of the cap for the log bee hive.
Placing the cap
This is a sagar finish 
Isn't it adorable?
He's actually enjoyed this class so much that we're looking at getting a kick wheel so we can turn stuff at home. Maybe we'll be able to convert the Nest into a pottery / art studio. A much better use for it than a storage shed.

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