Friday, July 14, 2017

Lots of little stuff

Life isn't always about the big projects. It's amazing how much every day, normal, small stuff gets done in a week. For example:

Raked and seeded the small bare spots in the yard.

Leveled, raked, seeded, and mulched the newly graded sections of the yard.

Cleaned the chicken coop and turned the compost bins.

Walked the dog, every day, twice a day. While walking we: found a sour cherry tree that we had no idea was on the property; realized that the wild blueberry patch had grown extensively and was now producing wee blueberries; uncovered many new patches of raspberries; discovered a heavily used buck trail with antler rubs that dated back years. He's apparently grown quite a bit over the years as the scars are substantially higher on the trees as time has progressed.

Drove up north to visit Mom and Dad for a few days.

Visited the studio where Chris is taking a pottery class and saw a new art exhibit by a young potter.

Had a friend over for risotto with early vegetables from the garden; we got to enjoy the new fire pit too.

Celebrated Dad's birthday with friends and family - spicy chicken wings followed by white cake with boiled frosting is always a winner!

Blocked and split firewood, vacuumed, weeded, dusted, cooked many meals, went to the library and grocery, read books, and just lived. It was a pretty darn good week.

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