Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Drawers and shelves - the North wall again

The corner of this expanse of counter is kind of tucked between the long tool chest and the wall. I didn't want to have an actual corner-run of cabinetry so we had to come up with something that would allow me full access to the area even though the space between the cupboard and tool chest was kind of tight (it's 13 inches so not super tight, but definitely kinda tight). 

I did some magazine surfing and Pinterest looking and found a nifty photo of stacked horizontal storage. Perfect! In this area I store my half sheet pans and racks, muffin tins and cake pans, pyrex casserole dishes (round and rectangular), as well as my cast iron skillets. Each shelf is spaced so that I don't have to stack disparate items (I hate stacking - I always end up needing the thing on the bottom) while at the same time maximizing the kind of things I can store in there. The smallest openings are 3.5 inches (for flat pans and racks) while the largest gap is on the bottom at 6 inches (for my cast iron). There is easily enough room in between each shelf that I can reach all the way to the back if needed. And Chris has assured me that if I find it's a pain to get stuff out of the back of the shelf he can easily make the shelves pull out like a drawer. We'll hold off on that as I haven't needed it so far.

Accessible storage! Woo-hoo!
It's wonderfully organized and I can easily get to the stuff I use frequently. My half sheet pans are pulled out all the time and I'm no longer shifting other things off them to do so.

As for the other three storage sections, they'll be drawers. A mix of shallow and deep for storing everything from tart pans to cereal boxes.
The first drawer of many
You may have noticed that I've added to what's stored on the counter and underneath the stacked bookcases. My glass mixing bowls now reside in easy reach on the left side, while brown sugar, the egg bowl, and my glass measuring cups are accessible under the right. I've also joined the ranks of "those who decant" and I've got cereal and snacks in glass jars in between the cases. Once I get the cleat system installed those will go on a variety of shelves and boxes on the wall.

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