Monday, September 12, 2016

It's a glamorous life...

In my last post I mentioned that chicken keeping always looks so wonderful on Pinterest. Figured I'd do a bit of the "keeping it real".

I do a full cleaning of the coop every Saturday morning. Note the glamour: respirator mask (chicken coops are dusty, dirty, and full of chicken poop); fresh bedding flakes (dusty); cute ladder that's supposed to have climbing flowers on it by now (chickens ate the plants); completely barren pasture area (despite frequent moves of the fencing); muck boots (did I mention the poop?); bug hat (flies???). 

And here I am, hat, coat, muck boots, and sundress (!?) putting away the chickens for the evening when it was raining. Just because the weather is foul doesn't mean the animals don't need care. 

Am I complaining? Only in jest - I fully realize that I've got it easy compared to real farmers (Grandpa was a dairyman). But I also wanted to put it out there that animal keeping isn't all pretty pictures of colorful chickens against a bright green background. It's also cleaning crap, heading out in bad weather (oh boy, can't wait to post photos this winter), and dealing with husbandry and pasture issues. 

Is it worth it? Well, so far I don't have a single egg to show for this, and eggs are cheap at the grocery anyway. Eggs aren't really the purpose - they're a nice bonus. The purpose? Trying something new, experiencing life, having a hobby, and getting entertained by simple creatures who have surprisingly well-developed personalities. So yeah, I guess it's worth it - despite my eggless state. 

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  1. The coop does not need to be cleaned once a week, honest. Throw new bedding on top. Chickens will eat anything and scratch anything they can reach. Use DE under the bedding and around the coop for flies and smell. Make sure you have a small box set up for laying, because you don't want them to develop a habit of laying on the floor. Do this before they lay the first egg.