Monday, September 5, 2016

Going to the Washington County Fair

We have a fantastic Agricultural Fair near us. We look forward to it every August and do our best to attend on the day they do the antique tractor pulls (also the same day they do the draft horse competitions which are great to watch too).

Not too much weight yet
These tractors are real work horses. Some have been restored, some are still being used in the fields.
One of the few non-John Deere tractors
Taking a break from the tractor pulls, we wandered through the many, many exhibit barns. Chickens, pigs, goats, cows, horses, home goods, wildlife exhibits, and art displays.
A bat house 
Butterfly and Wren houses
Eastern Phoebe - we need some of these
The wildlife exhibit also had a scat display. Strangely fascinating and we learned what was pooping at the edge of the porch - a toad!
Um, poop?
They had a bunch of displays dealing with farming & homestead practices - cheese making, egg separators, looms, fence post digging, and ice harvesting, to name just a few.
So now I know how to figure out my egg size
We always go early, get lunch at the firemen's stall, and head home early afternoon before the crowds get too heavy. This year we even remembered to bring a sun umbrella - an excellent idea in mid-August!

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