Tuesday, July 19, 2016

This week's recipe: Hushpuppies

I have fallen behind in my weekly recipe goal. Which just goes to show that even fun New Years Resolutions are hard to keep. I still love looking through my cookbooks and trying new recipes, but I'm finding it hard to make the resolution fit with my summer meal style. I'm part of a CSA and the most important thing for meal planning is eating up the share before the next pick-up. And since I try to make this our primary grocery budget I'm really reluctant to buy ingredients for a new recipe when I've all these veggies to eat before they go bad. 

This week's share - and my garden is starting to produce as well
I find myself falling back on old favorites that I know use up a lot of veg - lo mein, quiche, raw veggies platters, salads, stir fries, etc. Things that don't have a recipe per se, but that I can easily improvise with whatever ingredients I have on hand. I am having luck with internet searches since I can specify a main ingredient more easily than in a book (and I've actually cooked quite a few new recipes that way, but that wasn't the resolution, now was it?). I did a kohlrabi slaw this way and it was quite yummy and inspired some improvisation with other slaws. 

Improvisation seems to the real summer theme. 

Anyway, this week's recipe was an accompaniment to a fantastic salad - hushpuppies (from BHG cookbook). I was actually just looking for a recipe that would use up some leftover buttermilk and figured this would be good.

I really wish I'd put them on a plate for the photo. Grease, ick.
Unfortunately, they were kind of bland. I remember hushpuppies from my childhood down South and those were flavorful and yummy. These were best described as "meh". I'm sure I could kick them up with cayenne or jalepeno or a dipping sauce, but I doubt I'll bother. Next time I'll just use the buttermilk in pancakes and have garlic bread with the salad.

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