Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Roundup of weekly recipes - chocolate glaze, oatmeal muffins, and lemon-lime thyme cookies

All of these recipes were very good. The chocolate glaze is really more a ganache (which I consider thicker than just a glaze). This is another King Arthur Flour Bakers Companion recipe (page 396) and it had great depth of flavor and it set up into a thick fudgie layer. I refrigerated some of it and it got so thick I realized that a bit of tweaking would turn it into a really good truffle filling. Gonna have to try that for Christmas.

The oatmeal muffins (KAF, page 71) are described as a fairly healthy, low fat breakfast treat. I added raisins and wish I'd also added pecans. They're actually better stone-cold as that gives the texture a chance to really set (when they were warm they seemed a bit wet). They've lasted three days at room temperature and make a great afternoon snack.

Not sexy, but quite good
The Lemon-lime & thyme cookies are from Joy the Baker cookbook (page 190). A thin sugar cookie with lemon and lime zest combined with fresh thyme from the garden (I actually used lemon-thyme since that's what I grow). Good flavor although I wished the lemon came on a bit stronger. I'm going to up the lemon-thyme to 3 tsp (as opposed to 2) and see what that does. If it's still not enough I'll add some fresh lemon juice (there isn't any in the recipe as written). I've got another lemon cookie recipe that has great lemon flavor but that goes stale almost immediately (really, we don't even bother eating them after day 1). I'm going to see if I can meld the recipes as these are actually better day 2. I froze some of the dough to see how that works out - I'll update when we finally get around to eating them.

Would be great with tea
Update: baked the frozen slices and they came out great. In fact, I think they were better - the extra time allowed the flavors to develop more fully. Am still planning to increase the lemon-thyme amount and definitely think some sanding sugar would add a nice dimensional aspect, but in all, a great recipe and it'll make it into the recipe box.

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