Friday, June 17, 2016

Garden post - June 3

And here is the garden on June 3 (I know, not many days past the original planting, but this covers all the gardens and all the plantings).

My gladiolas have never bloomed. I decided they weren't getting enough sun down by the Nest so  last fall I moved some of them up to the front yard near the water downspout. They look nice and green but we'll have to wait to see if any flowers show up. The lavender is new this year and is doing well here.
Glads and lavender
Three jalapeño plants at the front edge of the kitchen garden, then some Nice Girl tomatoes, the perennial herbs, some basil, marigolds, and then the Better Boy tomatoes. I painted my tomato cages red and I love how they look out there. So bright and happy.
The chicken just peeks through
The back of the garden gets more shade so I plant my lettuces and stuff back here with the highest sun toward the bottom right corner of the picture:  basil (lots and lots of basil), dill, cilantro, parsley, lettuce (salad mix, oak leaf, freckled), arugula, and one lonely kale plant that survived the winter and is self seeding. The butterflies love those flowers so I've just let it go.
Seeds just starting to come up
 One of my tomato plants got cut off at the base. Cutworm? Unfortunate dog/cat accident? Not sure. All the other plants are fine.
And it was so healthy too.
 In the flower beds:
Lupines thick and flowering
Healthy pansies and some decorative onions
Miracle pansy and new pansies that will also hopefully be miraculous
Lots of pansies, hosta, foxglove, black-eyed susan, chives, iris
Hosta and pansy
I had wanted to keep the driveway flower bed but the trees simply suck up too much water. I'm not even mulching this year - will move the plants in the fall and let the area go back to either grass or gravel. I'll be moving: hosta, black-eyed susan, daisies, oregano, chives, and iris.
Very sad garden
The chicken garden - peas, squash, and watermelon coming in
New squash bed: zucchini, delicata, butternut
Chris has been busily leveling the future garden site. This area used to have a small camp on it (long, long ago) that burned down well before we bought the property. It is heavily overgrown with all manner of things (we just found roses!) and he's been clearing it. Hopefully we'll be ready to plant a cover crop this fall and will put in a real garden next year.
Slowly getting flat
That's where we are so far.

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