Thursday, June 16, 2016

Catching up on the garden posts - this was May

One of the things that I use this blog for is to track the garden through the season. Which only works if I actually upload the darn pictures and make comments. So here goes - a very heavy photo post that may bore you silly. 

Pictures of the yard & garden on May 20:

Sad patchy grass on front yard 
Lupines just coming in
A few perennial herbs came back: sage, lemon-thyme, oregano
Mini Iris - only 5 bloomed this year
Magic pansies - survived the winter and bloomed early
Perennials coming in: hosta, foxglove, chives
Pink marble rock surrounded by hosta
And now here it all is Memorial Day weekend (May 28). I picked up my starts from our favorite greenhouse and got busy.
Before weeding and planting (but look at that oregano!) 
Cooper again! And if you look hard right, new pansies. 
Carefully placing the chicken 
Tomatoes, jalapeño, basil 
Finally starting to fill in
I didn't get a lot of variety since I'm still doing a CSA share this summer. But I did plant another garden up on the hill (squash) and I've got the chicken garden going too (old seeds).

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