Friday, April 29, 2016

The band

Chris plays bass in the band "Restless Widow". They play what they call "high energy rock" - basically the music you like to rock to when you're at a club. Very danceable; very fun.

The band
Recently they had a gig down in NYC. They played at the American Judo tournament held at the Athletic Club near Central Park. Cool!

Chris on the balcony
Scott warming up
Nick checking sound
Chris being silly, I mean, warming up
Unfortunately the only picture of the lead singer, Jerzee, came out so blurry I couldn't put it on here  and apparently Matt (drummer) is camera shy. But the gig went well and they had a great time. 
The city at night
We're three hours north of the City so Chris didn't get home until 4AM.  Once I actually woke up and he could tell me all about it, I heard about unlimited saki (they opened two massive casks), great dancing, a whisky with his niece (Yamasaki Scotch is excellent), and lots of fun.

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