Sunday, January 31, 2016

Other stuff in January

I figured I'd better mention all the other stuff we've done in January while it still is actually January. 

Remember the bread bowl/trencher that Chris started for me?  Well, here it is finished. He added a slim band of walnut to the end (that dark line at the top) to give it a little extra oomph. The hole at the bottom is actually a worm hole in the wood. I love that kind of stuff.
My new trencher
Every year I take advantage of the freezing outside temperatures to defrost the chest freezer. This year I decided to also do an inventory (we bought part of a steer this summer and I needed to document what we had). An inventory is only good for, you know, that moment so I wanted an easy way to keep it updated. Hmmm, make a chalkboard? Buy a dry erase board? How about shop the house and use a pretty picture with glass? Yes!

Freezer organization
 We also helped my brother add tin to his drive-in shed. Let's hear it for nice weather!
Adding the ridge piece
Nearly done
I don't generally make New Year Resolutions but I thought I'd try something fun this year (I figured the odds of actually keeping it would be much better). I love to cook. I own many cookbooks, some of which I've actually cooked from (uh-hem). So my resolution this year is to cook a new recipe each week from one of the cookbooks I already own. Not a Pinterest recipe or one I find in a new magazine. As a side resolution, I intend to get rid of cookbooks that I no longer find interesting.
Blueberry-Cassis Cobbler
Minestrone Potpie
Spinach and Ricotta Lasagna
All of these worked but I also made a total failure of a recipe - the flavors didn't blend, the sauce was weird, and I've marked it as a stinker in the cookbook. Up this week is a Chicken Tortilla soup. There are many recipes out there; we'll see how this one cooks up.

In weather related news, we have little to no snow. We do have ice.

No need for snowshoes
Definitely need crampons though
And a Cooper picture is always nice way to finish a post.  
Hugging her bone


  1. Cooper is just adorable. I LOVE that bread bowl!!!! Amazingly talented he is. :) Your home is beautiful, looks like you're settling in well. The weather this year is indeed strange. Happy New Year to the two of you!

  2. Thanks! I do my best not to take his skills for granted. I haven't mixed any dough in it yet but it's definitely been used to serve bread and rolls at the table. Happy New Year to you as well!