Friday, January 15, 2016

Installing trim

After much time spent smoothing and shaping boards we got to the serious business of installing the door and floor trim (September). 

Totally sick of staining wood
Okay, only sort of serious
We used the same design as the window trim - a slight overhang on the top bar.
After - only missing floor trim
Once the door trim was up we started installing the floor trim. Three pieces that built out from the wall and hid the sill/floor joint.
You can see the rough sill nearest the wall
We even got the mudroom door trim installed. Looks much better and I painted the doors to match the wall color shortly after this picture. Too bad I didn't paint the doors before installing the trim - would have been much easier.
Cooper butt
 Here is a close up of the floor trim. I particularly like the light-colored top line that Chris planed (by hand!) into the back board. Took it from blah to ooh.
Three layers of wood
We also had to fit the trim behind the hearth rock. The rock was a bit too close to the drywall to just stick the trim back there so Chris carved it to fit.

On the interior walls where there is no sill joint we opted to put just the back board. Tidy looking without intruding.
Interior wall trim
Still a few places to finish but really happy to have this part done at last. The rooms look very finished now as opposed to the "construction" look we've lived with for three years.

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