Friday, November 7, 2014

Kayaking the Kayaderosseras

Some friends and I kayaked on the Kayaderosseras Creek at end of August. It's a pretty creek with lots of sweeping bends and tree-lined banks. The current is generally gentle although there are a couple spots where it was swift (most notably right where you put in - could barely hold still long enough for everyone to launch). There aren't many houses on the creek so you get a nice sense of privacy for the paddle.

Kayaderosseras Creek (say that 5 times fast!)

Lots of sun and mist
We paddled for a few hours and came out at Saratoga Lake (passed Lake Lonely on the way too). That was my first time on the lake and it was a bit busier than I enjoy. We fought our way across (waves, wind, some powerboat traffic) and had to cross a main travel lane (5mph max, no wake). I think next time I'd rather get out at Lake Lonely as it's a smaller lake with less motorized traffic. Both lakes charge a small fee to park or use the launch.

The paddle was great and it's always fun to go out friends. I'd definitely do the Kayaderosseras again.

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