Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter weather weirdness

Our weather has been completely bizarre. Below zero temperatures in December is not typical for us. Even reaching back into childhood memory (where the snow is always deep and the temperature chilly) I don't recall December being this cold. February, yes. December, not so much.

On the other hand, we got up this morning and the temperature was 45 degrees. The snow is melting off the roof and the HW solar panels will be clear for the first time in weeks. We may actually get some hot water from them! Hooray!

The driveway is holding up well so far. Temps are supposed to be back down to 3 degrees tonight so any standing water will freeze solid again. We've got ashes from the wood stove to spread and sand for out by the road.

Chris is working on the tractor (it's having some electrical issues that will hopefully be easily found and fixed) and I'm going to find a project or two for the day.

So nice and quiet on the property. Other than that ferocious wind in the trees...

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