Monday, January 20, 2014

The downstairs closet

We planned a large closet between the bathroom and pantry doorways. We were going to just frame it in and throw on a door, but having a woodworker in the family means we got to be a bit more creative. We decided to build it more like a wardrobe. Spent some time designing it then got busy. And are still being busy - this thing is huge! Gonna take a little time to get it done but I figured I'd post an in-process picture or two.

The bottom of the unit is two drawers high and about two feet in height (and four feet wide - I said it was a big space, right?). I decided to stain it the same red that we used on the exterior siding - a nice deep semi-solid barn red would give us a great pop of color in an otherwise staid area.

Unfortunately the picture below makes it look like we picked a bright apple red. That's just the light spectrum we have in the garage.

It's not really this bright of a red
Ah! This shows the color much better. Oh wait. Now it looks magenta. Darn.

Hmm, a bit purple, isn't it?
Basically, you're going to have to believe me when I say the color is great and looks wonderful between the old courthouse doors. 
That's a bit more true to life!
We've been working on the top portion of the closet and hope to have that in place soon. It will have two cupboard doors divided by a wine rack in the center. Then Chris will get to work on building the drawers. Custom furniture takes longer to get in place but boy does it look nice once it's there.


  1. That is going to look so good!

  2. Thanks Kim. It's been fun planning the custom work - I even had my vacuum out so we could make sure the shelves were high enough to fit the hoses.