Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The exterior work continues

We're still sporting Tyvek style on the exterior of the house. I know this stuff is tough but I really don't want to go through a full winter with it still exposed. So we're working on finishing up the soffits as that's step one before putting up the board & batten.

We're staining the trim black and using the typical white plastic stuff for the venting. Started with a semi-transparent black but didn't like the coverage so we've switched to a semi-solid. Much better.

Lot of wood!
And what is the well dressed stain master wearing nowadays you may ask? Why slippers of course. I realized the other day that I rarely wear shoes anymore. A fashion maven? No. Comfortable? Oh yeah. 

Perfect outdoor footwear
Anyhoo, we also picked up some sample pots for the board & batten. I've always envisioned the house color as "natural". I styled the place after a classic horse barn and bare wood is how I've always seen those.

However when we put natural stain on our pine boards, it turned them orange. Not good.

Hmmm, not quite the color I had in mind
 So we thought we'd try another classic barn color - red!

I like this much better and think it will look great with the black trim boards.

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