Monday, September 2, 2013

Drywalling the garage

Okay, so this has been a long process. Mainly because it's summer and mostly gorgeous out and we really didn't want to be spending all of our time in the garage. So we kept finding other stuff to do. Plus it's not exactly fun to drywall, mud, sand, mud, sand more, mud & sand more, and then stage a total revolt against doing yet another mud/sand cycle because, you know, this is a garage,  not a bloody palace.

Smile even when you look like a bad addict
We eventually got every thing ready for priming and painting.
Buy scaffolding. It's worth it. Truly.

We decided to go with a site mix of paint because, as mentioned, garage. Bought two gallons of relatively inexpensive white ceiling paint and then poured two gallons of leftover paint into it. Not even paint leftover from this house; this was paint from the last house. So white, a sort of mushroom light brown, and a really soft sea foam-ish green went into a 5-gallon bucket and we got this:
It's a really nice grey with slightly green undertones

It went on sort of dark but completely softened when it dried. I actually like it so much that I'm thinking of matching it to use in the upstairs bathroom.

So now all of this stuff gets to move into its temporary home.

Clear the decks!
The big garage bay will act as Chris's temporary workshop until we can get the wood shop built sometime in the next couple years.
Yes, that is Chris laying on the shelf. Why do you ask?

Picked up a bunch of storage shelves from HD and will use them in the garage most likely on a permanent basis. Just what goes on them will change.
Ready for organizing

I'll add bins, layer in shelves, and hang stuff over head. This is really key for us as we have no basement. So places to store Christmas decorations, seasonal toys like skis and snow shoes, and all the other stuff that most people stuff in their basement are in seriously short supply. Anything that doesn't require temperature controlled storage is destined for out here. The rest will find a home in the closets or utility room; anything deemed not essential to continued happiness will be sold, recycled, or trashed. Awesome!

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