Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Storage issues

Well hell. Did you know that there are photo storage limitations on these blogs? Me neither. But I just got a message saying I was over my limit - but I could buy some. Huh.

Since this blog was supposed to be for updating family and friends about the build, and since it is definitely not a revenue source, I am not willing to shell out money to support it.

Huh again.

So - I have some choices. I can delete some of the photos in old posts and hope I reach the end of the build before my storage runs out again. I can just do text posts (boring). I can stop blogging.

I have discovered that I'm not the only one being affected by this - apparently it's a new thing and I'm seeing it crop up in other blogs that I follow.

So while I mull my options (and some wine), here's the update from Thanksgiving weekend:
Installed the rest of the windows; installed the big entry doors; returned and repurchased doors for the bridge; dug the ditch for the electric and the electrician put in the lines from house to pole and installed the fuse box (this was wildly exciting as it means we're significantly closer to getting power); bought many lights so that the electrician would know what he needs to hooks up (wall, ceiling, outdoor, light/fan, etc); bought the stove and fridge (awesomely on sale even if it was Sunday and not Black Friday); closed up the garage with plywood and tarps. Oh, and we passed the framing inspection!

And I caught a cold. Blargh.

Next up is the plumbing and finishing the electric. Woo-hoo! Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures of all that soon.

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