Sunday, November 18, 2012

So that's what it's supposed to look like!

So, when last we left it was high 50's, sunny, and t-shirt weather (if you were working that is). The very next morning? 23 degrees and a heavy frost. *sigh*

Pretty frost on the truck
We've been quite fortunate with the contractors and delivery guys that we've dealt with - up to now. The trusses arrived Tuesday and the gentleman driving the truck refused to believe that his little 30 footer would go around the big turnaround. Despite the fact that all the other cement, excavator, well drilling rigs, National Grid trucks, and many, many Curtis Lumber trucks have all made it just fine. Well, there was a small issue with one Nat Grid truck, but that was operator error and the winch solved the problem just fine. Anyhoo - the truss guy said no go. So he backed all the way up the driveway (at least 700 feet, I'll give him props for good backing skills), then at the join on the driveways where they'd cause maximum mayhem, he dumped the trusses. Kaboom.  Nice, huh?
Not the driver!
And what happened soon after he skedadelled? The guys who were actually putting up the trusses arrived. Oh, and then National Grid showed up to finish putting up the electric poles. All at once. And no one could get through.

Queuing up the workers. 
But Chris soon got it sorted out. The Nat Grid guys started where they could (awesome crew by the way - they've been great) and the truss hangers got out the big equipment to move the trusses out of the way.
Look at that cool thing haul truss
They built the end ladders that support the gable overhang.

Huh, so that's a gable end. Neat. 
 And then they got right to work putting up the trusses.

Trusses on the main section of the house
 And soon they had the gable ends done, the trusses up on the center and both wings, and sheathing on most of the roof. These guys were quick!

It's a raised center aisle, or monitor, style building
And then it happened, the ah-ha moment, when the helper, M, said - "oh! so that's what those windows are supposed to look like!" Yes, to all those who wondered what the heck was up with those itty-bitty windows so high up on the wall, that is indeed what they're supposed to look like. They had to be that high to accommodate that roof line of the building wings, and they now make perfect sense.

Love this angle
It's really coming together quickly now. And that porch! Loving how huge the porch is. 

Enormous porch
Oh! And National Grid? Done! We have poles, wires, a transformer, and now we just need the electrician to hook it all to the house. Power - a full seven months since we first started the process and at least six months earlier than my worst fears. Not too shabby.

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