Monday, October 1, 2012

Let the framing begin!

Had a little issue with our framer. He got tied up with another job and then put us on hold for a bigger job that would take him through the winter. Still intended to show up and do our house, but not quite sure when he could start. So, we decided to do the framing ourselves. We've done smaller framing jobs (tractor shed, camp) and are confident that we can do the work - but it's sure a lot easier with more hands involved. Thank goodness for family! My brother (who also has awesome framing experience) has kindly volunteered to help us out. And we'll exchange time for time as he'll be building his place in the next couple years. So it's all going to work out and we'll be able to close up the house before snow flies. Please, God, let us close up the house before snow flies!

Chris and I spent a rainy Sunday setting the sill plate. Not exactly fun as it was wet and cold, but we managed to get it done. Woo-hoo!

Laying out the lumber
Chris's explaining posture

Marking the bolts that tie the sill plate to foundation

Measuring for bolt depth

Drilling the bolt hole

I got into the action too

Sexy building clothes

It did not warm up - he just got hot

The entire sill plate
You mark the bolt locations on the pressure treated lumber, then measure the depth from edge to bolt, drill the hole (tight! Don't want too much wiggle room) and then fit the board in place. Repeat until you're all the way around the house. Whew.

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