Friday, October 19, 2012

Electric update

Guess who showed up on the property this week? Since you've read the post title, you've probably already guessed that it was National Grid. Apparently the utility easement was signed because they had a work order in hand! Woot! Now, they did not have a date when they would start working, but since I had completely given up on getting power until sometime next Spring, this is awesome news. Supposedly we'll have the poles up sometime in the next six weeks. 

To celebrate, a random picture of T'BD Mouse Killer. Don't let her toy box fool you - she's ruthless!

The mighty mouse killer in her snug
Since the move to the Nest, she has three documented kills. And since she usually eats them completely (except that one organ - what's up with that?), there may be many more. Let's hope so anyway.

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