Sunday, March 14, 2021

Putting up beans

I spent a chunk of Saturday pressure canning dried beans.

I had six bags, each containing a pound of beans. I did three bags of pinto, two of black, and one navy. It was quite colorful.

Soaking the navy and black beans

Lots of pinto beans

After soaking them overnight I boiled the beans for 30 minutes. That gave me time to get my canner and supplies ready.

No photos of the filling process as I was wicked busy filling jars, getting them sealed, and loading the canner. 
Steadily streaming steam

The beans were processed for 75 minutes. I needed to stay in the kitchen to keep a close eye on the pressure gauge so I had time to make pizza dough and banana bread too. Time management for the win!

Gorgeous beans
I yielded 20 pints plus enough for a side dish from those six bags. Not bad.

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