Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The big snow

Back in November we had some big snows, 6 or 8 inches at a time. That was unusual for so early in the year and we figured we were in for some serious accumulation this winter.

Pasture fence frosted
The bee hive
Since we usually just guess how much snow came down we decided to make a snow stick so we could measure it. We'd tried this last year but the stick we made was too thin and wimpy to actually see from more than a few feet away. Not this one!
The 4' mark was supposed to be a joke
We didn't have much snow on the ground when we planted it.
Visible from front door
And then we got no snow for months. Or just small amounts that actually melted off. So it sat there and looking out of place in the front yard.

Until this past weekend when we got SNOW!
9am Sunday
By the time the snowfall ended Sunday afternoon we had 22 inches. So cool (I can say that as I'm not the one who had to clear the driveway - thanks honey!).
Checking out the squirrel tunnel
Up and over!
Must. Get. Squirrels.
Wishing for snowshoes when going to get the snowshoes
Staying on top of the track
The last two days have been at or below 0F so we haven't had too much settling. But we're forecasted to be up near 30 degrees today and 39 tomorrow so we'll lose some of the fluffiness and height. I'll just be happy to not need the snowshoes to gather eggs anymore.


  1. Love your big ruler. That was a very good idea.

    1. Thanks! It was fun to make and worked great. Will all the recent rain I now know we're down to a foot of snow.