Monday, March 26, 2018


My friend Ania and I made a quick trip to Boston just before they got nailed with a huge snow storm. Great timing on our part!

We wanted to walk some beaches but didn't have much time so decided to visit Deer Island (which hasn't actually been an island since 1938) since it has views of both bay and ocean. It's now a pumping station (i.e.: waste water treatment plant) although its history is pretty grim (internment island, immigrant holding area, prison, etc). They've cleaned it up, repurposed it, and created a nice 2.5 mile walking path around the perimeter.
Pretty view across the bay 
Path and windmill
Beautiful sky
The station has solar panels, two big windmills, one weird windmill, and buildings that are concrete but look like brick and limestone. Nicely done for public works complex and there is no odor other than ocean smells. A very nice walk.
Eco in action
Lunch that day was at Belle Isle Seafood and it couldn't have been better. Cash only, alcohol served on premises, picnic style seating, and counter service. Excellent food. Truly. Had the crab cakes and they were stellar.

Dinner was at Atwoods Tavern. Live music, good atmosphere, yummy fish tacos, lots of craft beer, and absolutely fantastic scotch selection. Great way to spend an evening.

The next day Ania spent the morning in a business meeting and I killed some time drinking coffee, reading, and shopping for fabric (it's a tough life). Found an interesting fabric store called Sewfisticated Discount Fabrics. The online reviews were mixed but since I wasn't looking for anything specific I got to spent some enjoyable time browsing. A lot of variety here and it apparently changes inventory frequently. Lots of wool and blends, linens, home dec, and apparel fabrics (knits, silks, etc). Prices were quite low and I picked up some batik and some lycra-stretch-knit for future projects. I'd say it's worth another stop if I'm ever out that way again. Oh! And they had tanned hides and leather remnants too. Maybe for my new shoe hobby?

That afternoon we found time to run up to Nahant. Beautiful views up there but boy, they sure don't want you there unless you're a resident. Extremely little parking and limited to 30 minutes.
Lunch was a very nice meal at Tides Restaurant. Lobster ravioli in lobster and shrimp Alfredo sauce. Sounds heavy doesn't it? Nope - the filling was a pillowy mixture of lobster mousse, ricotta, and dill. The sauce was surprisingly delicate; not cloying like many Alfredo sauces. Gonna have to figure out how to make this one at home.

So a very pleasant couple days and we managed to get home before the storm hit. Not too shabby.

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