Saturday, November 11, 2017

All the things...

We've had a wonderfully busy summer and autumn. So busy in fact that Chris asked me what we actually do for fun anymore. That inspired some goofball shenanigans but not much time to put together blog posts. So here's a quick preview of what I need to catch up on:

I took apart an old chair and will turn it into a really cool dog bed. Eventually. At the moment it's eating up an enormous amount of space in my project room. 
Cooper's future bed.
Chris finished the kitchen cabinetry. Which means I'm madly drilling holes in antique cutlery to install pulls. Then I'll get to actually fill the drawers and get organized. Woot!
Hooray for cupboard doors!
I completed my eight week pottery class. Had great fun and made a substantial amount of nifty dishes. We'll definitely be doing more throwing of pots.
Just a fraction of the total haul.
While Chris worked on cabinets, I installed the hardwood flooring upstairs. 600 square feet of oak boards went down in a few weeks. Let's hear it for pneumatic nailers!
Laying the first row
Chris also constructed my French Cleat system for the North wall of the kitchen. Now I need to actually construct all the boxes and shelves to make it usable. So much storage! 
This is going to be awesome.
Once I got the hardwood installed we moved on to organization upstairs. We decided to see if we'd like bookshelf molding at the ceiling. We did! We've replaced the temporary shelf with one that has hidden brackets and it reaches across the wall and to each small window. 
 Just to see if we'd like it.
Chris also got the kitchen island finished and put together the new shelves for the sewing table support/base. This is where all my baking ingredients will go and it supports the Northeast corner of the kitchen island.
It'll have 4 shelves by the time we're done.
And of course no molding job is complete until you put up window trim. This is the studio. We're still working on the bedroom upstairs.
Love the way it frames the view
And we hiked and enjoyed the property.
Raccoon deer?
I'll write detailed posts about all this and more but wanted to get some kind of record out here before the holidays push it all out of my mind. 

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