Friday, February 10, 2017


We got the most beautiful snow the other day. Heavy and wet so it stuck to everything. It was gorgeous.
Even the chicken fence looks pretty
Cooper was exuberant as usual. And I got to use the "run" feature on the camera. Stop-motion photography!

Look at those ears!

A wonderful walk in the woods that day. And we were fortunate enough to not lose power. The utility company came through just a few days before to do tree cutting maintenance and they did a great job.  Actually, they really did. I know a lot of folks have horror stories about them decimating the tree line or leaving a big mess, but these guys cut respectfully, cleaned up appropriately, and set aside the stuff big enough to turn into firewood. 


  1. Love all the beautiful snowing pictures that you took!!! Looks so much fun!!! So happy you didn't lost power!!! Thanks for sharing:)