Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Organizing the garage workshop

Chris is getting ready to start my kitchen cabinets and figured it'd be a good idea to organize the garage woodworking shop before starting.

So everything got pulled off the metal shelves and mounded into the middle (and out in the driveway and in the carport). It made a heck of a mess.

Gotta get worse before it gets better
Then he mounted the wood storage racks on the south wall, rearranged the drill press and tool boxes, and installed the dust collection system.
This is actually quite neat
Finally he moved the metal storage racks into the middle of the garage between the small and large bays. This effectively split the garage into a wood shop (large bay) and car shop (small bay).

There is a truck hidden over there
Once the house is done he'll start working on the hobby truck again. In the meantime, the shop is organized and it's much easier to work on large projects. Like the kitchen.

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