Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Window trim

We've been living without window trim for 3 years. First we had to cut down the trees that would form our trim. Next we had to wait until the portable sawmill could arrive to cut the trees into boards. Then we had to wait for the wood to air dry. Finally! It was ready. 

Here are the naked windows:

Living room - bare! 
Kitchen - naked!
First, Chris planed down a few boards and we tried different sizes to see what style we liked. Once we had that, we stained a few boards different colors - a semi-solid black and a red mahogany. The semi-solid black matches the stair risers (seen here) while the red mahogany matches the living room half wall (here).
Black with a classic oak sill board 
Red mahogany with red mahogany sill board 
We liked both of them quite a bit but ultimately decided that the red mahogany tied the two sides of the room together. And it would tie in the kitchen as well. So, red mahogany it was.

Except, I really liked the black! So I decided that My Room was separate enough to have something different. And black trim went up in there.
Ahhh, black trim!
We kept the classic oak color on the interior boards of all windows and will do the same for the door facing. That way the house maintains some color consistency. And, of course, these colors repeat throughout the house.
I really like the two-tone effect
 The trim made a huge difference in how the windows looked.
The look huge now!
I asked Chris to build a couple of spice racks into the East wall windows. They don't get any sunlight so storage conditions are good and they are so wonderfully handy right next to the stove (but away from the heat). I keep all my cooking spices there now (baking spices are kept in the island).
Note the spice racks
 The living room windows, already very large, now look enormous. And quite attractive.
Nicely framed
The deep sill boards let me keep plants or nicknacks on the window. Or, you know, let the cat nap there without fear of falling off.

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