Friday, July 10, 2015

Preparing for winter

Yes, I'm well aware that it's early-July. But when you heat with wood you start winter prep early. We've actually been gathering our firewood since early Spring and now the pile is large enough to get the splitter in here. 

Last year we put up 162 feet (4 feet high) and ended May with 50 feet left. We tend to have a wood fire at least once a month during the summer if only to dry out the house when it's cold and wet out. Makes me laugh to have every window open and a fire going in the wood stove, but it does wonders for humidity control (this only works if it's one of those cold and clammy days, not when it's 90 degrees and 88% humidity). 

Anyway, we're planning to put up another 100 feet and we'll see how far this pile gets us. We have the hardest time telling how much stacked wood we'll actually get from a big pile of bucked wood, but we're hoping to take some measurements so we can do better estimates in the future.

Ready for splitting

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