Friday, March 20, 2015

At least it's a cute box...

Another sewing project! I was actually supposed to be making string covers for Chris's guitars and basses but started here because I thought it would make a good top for the cover. Nope. Wrong size and shape. But it's an adorable box and will make a great thread catcher. And now I've got a better idea on how to go about actually doing the string covers. You'll be subjected to photos of those soon.

Anyway, these were a Pinterest inspiration that started here and got refined here. 

The finished product
Both these women wrote great tutorials - so easy to follow even a beginner like me could do them. Our second floor (where the music loft is located) will have lots of color (you know, for creative inspiration) so I chose some bright yellow and purple fabric. This worked out well since the box will now reside in my colorful and creative project room instead.
Cutting the fabric
Look! I quilted something!
Other side
Catching threads
I'll use the box as a thread catcher when I sew. I've been using a mason jar but I'm always afraid I'll knock it to the floor and it will shatter on the concrete. This will be much better and quite a bit cuter to boot.

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