Sunday, September 14, 2014

Unusually cold

So, it was 43 degrees when I got up this morning. Now, I realize that I live in upstate NY and that we get cold weather - but 43 in September??? Seems a bit cruel.

Fortunately we got all of our firewood split and stacked! Yes, that is correct - a total of 162 feet of wood has been put up for the winter. We didn't bother calculating cords since the racks we use on our porch are 10 feet long. We just fill them up and keep track of how many we use. That gave us an estimate of how much wood we wanted to put up for this coming winter and we decided to do half again extra so that we'd have carry over into next year.

Basically, we planned for 150 feet, 4 feet high and we ended up with 162 feet. Not too shabby. We'll track it again this winter to confirm consumption levels and plan for next year's usage. It's a really good feeling to look out and see all that wood banked. And we've already used a bit of it with these cold temperatures.

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